Title 28


92.10 Providing tutorials and other academic assistance programs.

§ 92.10 Providing tutorials and other academic assistance programs.

(a) The program designed by the community organization must include academic counseling, tutorials and other academic assistance programs to enable individuals to meet police force academic requirements, pass entrance examinations, and meet other requirements. The program should include:

(1) Processes for evaluating educational assistance needs of young adults and adults. These processes should include, but are not limited to: screening procedures and testing batteries to assess individual needs;

(2) Tutorial programs designed to meet the specific and varied academic needs of individual applicants; and

(3) Academic and guidance counseling for adults. Specific counseling programs must be designed for individuals who encounter problems with passing the entrance examinations, and may include specialized counseling in self discipline, study habits, taking written and oral exams, and physical fitness.

(b) These tutorial and academic assistance programs must be provided by individuals or groups that have experience in developing and providing tutorial programs for young adults and adults.

(c) The program provider must also have experience in providing counseling for participants who encounter other problems with the police department application process.