Title 28

SECTION 550.54

550.54 Incentives for RDAP participation.

§ 550.54 Incentives for RDAP participation.

(a) An inmate may receive incentives for his or her satisfactory participation in the RDAP. Institutions may offer the basic incentives described in paragraph (a)(1) of this section. Bureau-authorized institutions may also offer enhanced incentives as described in paragraph (a)(2) of this section.

(1) Basic incentives. (i) Limited financial awards, based upon the inmate's achievement/completion of program phases.

(ii) Consideration for the maximum period of time in a community-based treatment program, if the inmate is otherwise eligible.

(iii) Local institution incentives such as preferred living quarters or special recognition privileges.

(iv) Early release, if eligible under § 550.55.

(2) Enhanced incentives. (i) Tangible achievement awards as permitted by the Warden and allowed by the regulations governing personal property (see 28 CFR part 553).

(ii) Photographs of treatment ceremonies may be sent to the inmate's family.

(iii) Formal consideration for a nearer release transfer for medium and low security inmates.

(b) An inmate must meet his/her financial program responsibility obligations (see 28 CFR part 545) and GED responsibilities (see 28 CFR part 544) before being able to receive an incentive for his/her RDAP participation.

(c) If an inmate withdraws from or is otherwise removed from RDAP, that inmate may lose incentives he/she previously achieved.