Title 28

SECTION 550.51

550.51 Drug abuse education course.

§ 550.51 Drug abuse education course.

(a) Purpose of the drug abuse education course. All institutions provide a drug abuse education course to:

(1) Inform inmates of the consequences of drug/alcohol abuse and addiction; and

(2) Motivate inmates needing drug abuse treatment to apply for further drug abuse treatment, both while incarcerated and after release.

(b) Course placement. (1) Inmates will get primary consideration for course placement if they were sentenced or returned to custody as a violator after September 30, 1991, when unit and/or drug abuse treatment staff determine, through interviews and file review that:

(i) There is evidence that alcohol or other drug use contributed to the commission of the offense;

(ii) Alcohol or other drug use was a reason for violation either of supervised release (including parole) or Bureau community status;

(iii) There was a recommendation (or evaluation) for drug programming during incarceration by the sentencing judge; or

(iv) There is evidence of a history of alcohol or other drug use.

(2) Inmates may also be considered for course placement if they request to participate in the drug abuse education program but do not meet the criteria of paragraph (b)(1) of this section.

(3) Inmates may not be considered for course placement if they:

(i) Do not have enough time remaining to serve to complete the course; or

(ii) Volunteer for, enter or otherwise complete a RDAP.

(c) Consent. Inmates will only be admitted to the drug abuse education course if they agree to comply with all Bureau requirements for the program.

(d) Completion. To complete the drug abuse education course, inmates must attend and participate during course sessions and pass a final course exam. Inmates will ordinarily have at least three chances to pass the final course exam before they lose privileges or the effects of non-participation occur (see paragraph (e) of this section).

(e) Effects of non-participation. (1) If inmates considered for placement under paragraph (b)(1) of this section refuse participation, withdraw, are expelled, or otherwise fail to meet attendance and examination requirements, such inmates:

(i) Are not eligible for performance pay above maintenance pay level, or for bonus pay, or vacation pay; and

(ii) Are not eligible for a Federal Prison Industries work program assignment (unless the Warden makes an exception on the basis of work program labor needs).

(2) The Warden may make exceptions to the provisions of this section for good cause.