Title 24

SECTION 982.452

982.452 Owner responsibilities.

§ 982.452 Owner responsibilities.

(a) The owner is responsible for performing all of the owner's obligations under the HAP contract and the lease.

(b) The owner is responsible for:

(1) Performing all management and rental functions for the assisted unit, including selecting a voucher-holder to lease the unit, and deciding if the family is suitable for tenancy of the unit. The fact that an applicant is or has been a victim of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, or stalking is not an appropriate basis for denial of tenancy if the applicant otherwise qualifies for tenancy.

(2) Maintaining the unit in accordance with HQS, including performance of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance. For provisions on family maintenance responsibilities, see § 982.404(a)(4).

(3) Complying with equal opportunity requirements.

(4) Preparing and furnishing to the PHA information required under the HAP contract.

(5) Collecting from the family:

(i) Any security deposit.

(ii) The tenant contribution (the part of rent to owner not covered by the housing assistance payment).

(iii) Any charges for unit damage by the family.

(6) Enforcing tenant obligations under the lease.

(7) Paying for utilities and services (unless paid by the family under the lease).

(c) For provisions on modifications to a dwelling unit occupied or to be occupied by a disabled person, see 24 CFR 100.203.

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