Title 24

SECTION 982.316

982.316 Live-in aide.

§ 982.316 Live-in aide.

(a) A family that consists of one or more elderly, near-elderly or disabled persons may request that the PHA approve a live-in aide to reside in the unit and provide necessary supportive services for a family member who is a person with disabilities. The PHA must approve a live-in aide if needed as a reasonable accommodation in accordance with 24 CFR part 8 to make the program accessible to and usable by the family member with a disability. (See § 982.402(b)(6) concerning effect of live-in aide on family unit size.)

(b) At any time, the PHA may refuse to approve a particular person as a live-in aide, or may withdraw such approval, if:

(1) The person commits fraud, bribery or any other corrupt or criminal act in connection with any federal housing program;

(2) The person commits drug-related criminal activity or violent criminal activity; or

(3) The person currently owes rent or other amounts to the PHA or to another PHA in connection with Section 8 or public housing assistance under the 1937 Act.

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