Title 24

SECTION 982.312

982.312 Absence from unit.

§ 982.312 Absence from unit.

(a) The family may be absent from the unit for brief periods. For longer absences, the PHA administrative plan establishes the PHA policy on how long the family may be absent from the assisted unit. However, the family may not be absent from the unit for a period of more than 180 consecutive calendar days in any circumstance, or for any reason. At its discretion, the PHA may allow absence for a lesser period in accordance with PHA policy.

(b) Housing assistance payments terminate if the family is absent for longer than the maximum period permitted. The term of the HAP contract and assisted lease also terminate.

(The owner must reimburse the PHA for any housing assistance payment for the period after the termination.)

(c) Absence means that no member of the family is residing in the unit.

(d)(1) The family must supply any information or certification requested by the PHA to verify that the family is residing in the unit, or relating to family absence from the unit. The family must cooperate with the PHA for this purpose. The family must promptly notify the PHA of absence from the unit, including any information requested on the purposes of family absences.

(2) The PHA may adopt appropriate techniques to verify family occupancy or absence, including letters to the family at the unit, phone calls, visits or questions to the landlord or neighbors.

(e) The PHA administrative plan must state the PHA policies on family absence from the dwelling unit. The PHA absence policy includes:

(1) How the PHA determines whether or when the family may be absent, and for how long. For example, the PHA may establish policies on absences because of vacation, hospitalization or imprisonment; and

(2) Any provision for resumption of assistance after an absence, including readmission or resumption of assistance to the family.