Title 24

SECTION 982.158

982.158 Program accounts and records.

§ 982.158 Program accounts and records.

(a) The PHA must maintain complete and accurate accounts and other records for the program in accordance with HUD requirements, in a manner that permits a speedy and effective audit. The records must be in the form required by HUD, including requirements governing computerized or electronic forms of record-keeping. The PHA must comply with the financial reporting requirements in 24 CFR part 5, subpart H.

(b) The PHA must furnish to HUD accounts and other records, reports, documents and information, as required by HUD. For provisions on electronic transmission of required family data, see 24 CFR part 908.

(c) HUD and the Comptroller General of the United States shall have full and free access to all PHA offices and facilities, and to all accounts and other records of the PHA that are pertinent to administration of the program, including the right to examine or audit the records, and to make copies. The PHA must grant such access to computerized or other electronic records, and to any computers, equipment or facilities containing such records, and shall provide any information or assistance needed to access the records.

(d) The PHA must prepare a unit inspection report.

(e) During the term of each assisted lease, and for at least three years thereafter, the PHA must keep:

(1) A copy of the executed lease;

(2) The HAP contract; and

(3) The application from the family.

(f) The PHA must keep the following records for at least three years:

(1) Records that provide income, racial, ethnic, gender, and disability status data on program applicants and participants;

(2) An application from each ineligible family and notice that the applicant is not eligible;

(3) HUD-required reports;

(4) Unit inspection reports;

(5) Lead-based paint records as required by part 35, subpart B of this title.

(6) Accounts and other records supporting PHA budget and financial statements for the program;

(7) Records to document the basis for PHA determination that rent to owner is a reasonable rent (initially and during the term of a HAP contract); and

(8) Other records specified by HUD.

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 2577-0169) [60 FR 34695, July 3, 1995, as amended at 60 FR 45661, Sept. 1, 1995; 61 FR 27163, May 30, 1996; 63 FR 23860, Apr. 30, 1998; 63 FR 46593, Sept. 1, 1998; 64 FR 50229, Sept. 15, 1999; 80 FR 8246, Feb. 17, 2015]