Title 24

SECTION 982.104

982.104 HUD review of application.

§ 982.104 HUD review of application.

(a) Competitive funding under NOFA. For competitive funding under a NOFA, HUD must evaluate an application on the basis of the selection criteria stated in the NOFA, and must consider the PHA's capacity and capability to administer the program.

(b) Approval or disapproval of PHA funding application. (1) HUD must notify the PHA of its approval or disapproval of the PHA funding application.

(2) When HUD approves an application, HUD must notify the PHA of the amount of approved funding.

(3) For budget authority that is distributed to PHAs by competitive process, documentation of the basis for provision or denial of assistance is available for public inspection in accordance with 24 CFR 12.14(b).

(c) PHA disqualification. HUD will not approve any PHA funding application (including an application for competitive funding under a NOFA) if HUD determines that the PHA is disbarred or otherwise disqualified from providing assistance under the program.

[60 FR 34695, July 3, 1995, as amended at 64 FR 26642, May 14, 1999. Redesignated at 64 FR 56887, Oct. 21, 1999]