Title 24


573.9 Other requirements.

§ 573.9 Other requirements.

(a) Nondiscrimination and equal opportunity. The nondiscrimination and equal opportunity requirements described in 24 CFR part 5, subpart A apply to this part.

(b) 2 CFR part 200. The provisions of 2 CFR part 200 apply to guaranteed loans under this part.

(c) Lead-based paint. Housing assisted under this part is subject to the lead-based paint requirements described in part 35, subparts A, B, E, G, and R of this title.

(d) Labor standards - (1) Davis-Bacon. All laborers and mechanics employed by contractors or subcontractors in the performance of construction work financed in whole or in part with Guaranteed Loan Funds under this part shall be paid wages at rates not less than those prevailing on similar construction in the locality as determined by the Secretary of Labor in accordance with the Davis-Bacon Act, as amended (40 U.S.C. 276a-276a-5). This paragraph shall apply to the rehabilitation of residential property only if such property contains not less than 8 units.

(2) Volunteers. The provisions of paragraph (d)(1) of this section shall not apply to volunteers under the conditions set forth in 24 CFR part 70. In applying part 70, loan guarantees under this part shall be treated as a program for which there is a statutory exemption for volunteers.

(3) Labor standards. Any contract, subcontract, or building loan agreement executed for a project subject to Davis-Bacon wage rates under paragraph (d)(1) of this section shall comply with all labor standards and provisions of 29 CFR parts 1, 3 and 5 that would be applicable to a loan guarantee program to which Davis-Bacon wage rates are made applicable by statute.

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