Title 24


573.7 Loan guarantee agreement.

§ 573.7 Loan guarantee agreement.

(a) The rights and responsibilities with respect to the guaranteed loan shall be substantially described in an agreement entered into between the Financial Institution, as the lender, and the Secretary, as the guarantor, which agreement shall provide that:

(1) The lender has submitted or will submit a request for loan guarantee assistance that is accompanied by the Borrower's request for a loan to carry out eligible activities described in § 573.3;

(2) The lender will require the Borrower to execute a promissory note promising to repay the guaranteed loan in accordance with the terms thereof;

(3) The lender will require the Borrower to provide collateral security, to an extent and in a form, acceptable to HUD;

(4) HUD reserves the right to limit loan guarantees to loans financing the replacement of damaged property with comparable new property;

(5) The lender will follow certain claim procedures to be specified by HUD in connection with any defaults, including appropriate notification of default as required by HUD;

(6) The lender will follow procedures for payment under the guarantee whereby the lender will be paid (up to the amount of guarantee) the amount owed to the lender less any amount recovered from the underlying collateral security for the loan; and

(7) The lender will act as the fiscal agent for the loan, servicing the guaranteed loan, maintaining loan documents, and receiving the Borrower's payments of principal and interest. The Borrower and the lender may be required to execute a fiscal agency agreement.

(b) In addition, the agreement shall contain other requirements, terms, and conditions required or approved by HUD.