Title 24


573.5 Underwriting standards and availability of loan guarantee assistance.

§ 573.5 Underwriting standards and availability of loan guarantee assistance.

(a) HUD may, in its discretion, accept the underwriting standards of the Financial Institution making a loan to a Borrower.

(b) HUD will not make the loan guarantee unless it determines that the guaranteed loan is an acceptable financial risk under HUD's generally applicable loan underwriting standards based on the following:

(1) The Borrower's ability to pay debt service; and

(2) The value of the collateral assigned or pledged as security for the repayment of the loan.

(c) The provision of a loan guarantee to a Financial Institution and the amount of the guarantee do not depend in any way on the purpose, function, or identity of the organization to which the Financial Institution has made, or intends to make, a Section 4 Guaranteed Loan.

(d) HUD may disapprove a request for loan guarantee assistance based on the availability of funding.

(e) HUD may decline any Financial Institution's participation if its underwriting criteria are insufficient to make the guarantee an acceptable financial risk, or if the proposed interest rates or fees are unacceptable. HUD expects the proposed interest rates to take into account the value of the Federal guarantee.

(f) HUD may limit the availability of Guaranteed Loan Funds to geographic areas having the greatest need, as determined by a needs analysis of the most current available date conducted by HUD.

(g) Other requirements associated with the underwriting standards and guidelines shall be contained in the Loan Guarantee Agreement.