Title 24


573.3 Eligible activities.

§ 573.3 Eligible activities.

Guaranteed Loan Funds may be used by a Borrower for the following activities when it is certified in accordance with § 573.6(e) that the activity is necessary to address damage caused by an act or acts of arson or terrorism as certified in accordance with § 573.6(f):

(a) Acquisition of improved or unimproved real property in fee or under long term lease.

(b) Acquisition and installation of personal property.

(c) Rehabilitation of real property owner, acquired, or leased by the Borrower.

(d) Construction, reconstruction, or replacement of real property improvement.

(e) Clearance, demolition, and removal, including movement of structures to other sites, of buildings, fixtures and improvements on real property.

(f) Site preparation, including construction, reconstruction, or installation of site improvements, utilities, or facilities, which is related to the activities described in paragraph (a), (c), or (d) of this section.

(g) Architectural, engineering, and similar services necessary to develop plans in connection with activities financed under paragraph (a), (b), (c), or (d) of this section.

(h) Acquisition, installation and restoration of security systems.

(i) Loans for refinancing existing indebtedness secured by a property which has been or will be acquired, constructed, rehabilitated or reconstructed, if such financing is determined to be appropriate to achieve the objectives of the Act and this part.

(j) Other necessary project costs such as insurance, bonding, legal fees, appraisals, surveys, relocation, closing costs, etc., paid or incurred by the Borrower in connection with the completion of the above activities.

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