Title 23


752.8 Privately operated information centers and systems.

§ 752.8 Privately operated information centers and systems.

(a) Subject to the FHWA Regional Administrator's approval of the lease or agreement, the State may permit privately operated information centers and systems which conform with the standards of this directive.

(b) There shall be no violation of control of access, and no adverse effect on traffic in the main traveled way.

(c) The agreement between the State and the private operator shall provide that:

(1) The State shall have title to the information center or system upon completion of construction or termination of the lease.

(2) Advertising must be limited to matters relating to and of interest to the traveling public.

(3) Equal access must be provided at reasonable rates to all advertisers considered qualified by the State.

(4) Forty percent or more of all display areas and audible communications shall be devoted free of charge to providing information to the traveling public and public service announcements.

(5) No charge to the public may be made for goods or services except telephone and articles dispensed by vending machines.

(6) Nondiscrimination provisions must be included in accordance with the State assurance with regard to 42 U.S.C. 2000d - 2000d-5 (Civil Rights Act of 1964). The private operator may not permit advertising from advertisers who do not provide their services without regard to race, color, or national origin.

(7) The center or system shall be adequately maintained and kept clean and sanitary.

(8) The State may promulgate reasonable rules and regulations on the conduct of the information center or system in the interests of the public.

(9) The State may terminate the lease or agreement for violation of its terms or for other cause.

[43 FR 19390, May 5, 1978, as amended at 48 FR 38611, Aug. 25, 1983]