Title 23


752.7 Information centers and systems.

§ 752.7 Information centers and systems.

(a) The State may establish at existing or new safety rest areas information centers for the purpose of providing specific information to the motorist as to services, as to places of interest within the State and such other information as the State may consider desirable.

(b) The State may construct and operate the facilities, may construct and lease the operation of information facilities, or may lease the construction and operation of information facilities.

(c) Where the information center or system includes an enclosed building, the identification of the operator and all advertising must be restricted to the interior of the building. Where a facility is in the nature of a bulletin board or partial enclosure, none of the advertising, including the trade name, logo, or symbol of the operator shall be legible from the main traveled way.

(d) Subject to FHWA approval, States may establish or permit information systems within the right-of-way of federally funded highways which provide information of specific interest to the traveling public which do not visually intrude upon the main-traveled way of the highway in a manner violating 23 U.S.C. 131 and other applicable local, State, and Federal laws, rules, and regulations.