Title 23

SECTION 751.25

751.25 Programming and authorization.

§ 751.25 Programming and authorization.

(a) Junkyard control projects shall be programmed in accordance with the provisions of part 630, subpart A of this chapter. Such projects may include one or more junkyards.

(b) Authorization to proceed with a junkyard control project may be given when the State submits a written request to FHWA which includes the following:

(1) The zoning and validation of the legal status of each junkyard on the project;

(2) The control measures proposed for each junkyard including, where applicable, information relative to permanent disposal sites to be acquired by the State;

(3) The real property interest to be acquired in order to implement the control measures;

(4) Plans or graphic displays indicating the location of the junkyard relative to the highway, the 1,000 foot control lines, property ownership boundaries, the general location of the junk or scrap material, and any buildings, structures, or improvement involved; and

(5) Where screening is to be utilized, the type of screening, and adequately detailed plans and cross sections, or other adequate graphic displays which illustrate the relationship of the motorist, the screen, and the material to be screened at critical points of view.

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