Title 23

SECTION 751.13

751.13 Control measures.

§ 751.13 Control measures.

(a) Consistent with the goals of the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (42 U.S.C. 4321), recycling of junk and scrap is to be encouraged to the greatest extent practicable in the implementation of the junkyard control program. Recycling should be considered in conjunction with other control measures. To facilitate recycling, junk or scrap should be moved to an automobile wrecker, or a scrap processor, or put to some other useful purpose.

(b) Every effort shall be made to screen where the junkyard is to continue as an ongoing business. Screening may be accomplished by use of natural objects, landscaping plantings, fences, and other appropriate means, including relocating inventory on site to utilize an existing natural screen or a screenable portion of the site.

(c) Where screening is used, it must, upon completion of the screening project, effectively screen the junkyard from the main traveled way of the highway on a year-round basis, and be compatible with the surroundings. Each State shall establish criteria governing the location, design, construction, maintenance, and materials used in fencing or screening.

(d) A junkyard should be relocated only when other control measures are not feasible. Junkyards should be relocated to a site not visible from the highway or to an industrial area, and should not be relocated to residential, commercial, or other areas where foreseeable environmental problems may develop.

(e) The State may develop and use other methods of operation to carry out the purposes of this directive, subject to prior FHWA approval.