Title 23

SECTION 645.115

645.115 Construction.

§ 645.115 Construction.

(a) Part 635, subpart B, of this title, Force Account Construction (justification required for force account work), states that it is cost-effective for certain utility adjustments to be performed by a utility with its own forces and equipment, provided the utility is qualified to perform the work in a satisfactory manner. This cost-effectiveness finding covers minor work on the utility's existing facilities routinely performed by the utility with its own forces. When the utility is not adequately staffed and equipped to perform such work with its own forces and equipment at a time convenient to and in coordination with the associated highway construction, such work may be done by:

(1) A contract awarded by the TD or utility to the lowest qualified bidder based on appropriate solicitation,

(2) Inclusion as part of the TD's highway construction contract let by the TD as agreed to by the utility,

(3) An existing continuing contract, provided the costs are reasonable, or

(4) A contract for low-cost incidental work, such as tree trimming and the like, awarded by the TD or utility without competitive bidding, provided the costs are reasonable.

(b) When it has been determined under part 635, subpart B, that the force account method is not the most cost-effective means for accomplishing the utility adjustment, such work is to be done under competitive bid contracts as described in § 645.115(a) (1) and (2) or under an existing continuing contract provided it can be demonstrated this is the most cost-effective method.

(c) Costs for labor, materials, equipment, and other services furnished by the utility shall be billed by the utility directly to the TD. The special provisions of contracts let by the utility or the TD shall be explicit in this respect. The costs of force account work performed for the utility by the TD and of contract work performed for the utility under a contract let by the TD shall be reported separately from the costs of other force account and contract items on the highway project.