Title 23

SECTION 637.205

637.205 Policy.

§ 637.205 Policy.

(a) Quality assurance program. Each STD shall develop a quality assurance program which will assure that the materials and workmanship incorporated into each Federal-aid highway construction project on the NHS are in conformity with the requirements of the approved plans and specifications, including approved changes. The program must meet the criteria in § 637.207 and be approved by the FHWA.

(b) STD capabilities. The STD shall maintain an adequate, qualified staff to administer its quality assurance program. The State shall also maintain a central laboratory. The State's central laboratory shall meet the requirements in § 637.209(a)(2).

(c) Independent assurance program. Independent assurance samples and tests or other procedures shall be performed by qualified sampling and testing personnel employed by the STD or its designated agent.

(d) Verification sampling and testing. The verification sampling and testing are to be performed by qualified testing personnel employed by the STD or its designated agent, excluding the contractor and vendor.

(e) Random samples. All samples used for quality control and verification sampling and testing shall be random samples.