Title 23

SECTION 490.809

490.809 Data requirements.

§ 490.809 Data requirements.

(a) The data needed to calculate the Total Emission Reduction measure shall come from the CMAQ Public Access System and includes:

(1) The applicable nonattainment or maintenance area;

(2) The applicable MPO; and

(3) The emissions reduction estimated for each CMAQ funded project for each of the applicable criteria pollutants and their precursors for which the area is nonattainment or maintenance.

(b) The State DOT shall:

(1) Enter project information into the CMAQ project tracking system for each CMAQ project funded in the previous fiscal year by March 1st of the following fiscal year; and

(2) Extract the data necessary to calculate the Total Emissions Reduction measures as it appears in the CMAQ Public Access System on July 1st for projects obligated in the prior fiscal year.

(c) Nonattainment and maintenance area determinations for the CMAQ Total Emissions Reduction measure:

(1) The CMAQ Total Emissions Reduction measure applies to nonattainment and maintenance areas. Such areas shall be identified based on the effective date of U.S. EPA's designations under the NAAQS in 40 CFR part 81, as of the date 1 year before the State DOT Baseline Performance Period Report is due to FHWA.

(2) The nonattainment and maintenance areas to which the Total Emissions Reduction measure applies shall be revised if, on the date 1 year before the State DOT Mid Performance Period Progress Report is due to FHWA, the area is no longer in nonattainment or maintenance for a pollutant included in § 490.803.