Title 23

SECTION 420.117

420.117 What are the program monitoring and reporting requirements

§ 420.117 What are the program monitoring and reporting requirements?

(a) In accordance with 49 CFR 18.40, the State DOT shall monitor all activities performed by its staff or by subrecipients with FHWA planning and research funds to assure that the work is being managed and performed satisfactorily and that time schedules are being met.

(b)(1) The State DOT must submit performance and expenditure reports, including a report from each subrecipient, that contain as a minimum:

(i) Comparison of actual performance with established goals;

(ii) Progress in meeting schedules;

(iii) Status of expenditures in a format compatible with the work program, including a comparison of budgeted (approved) amounts and actual costs incurred;

(iv) Cost overruns or underruns;

(v) Approved work program revisions; and

(vi) Other pertinent supporting data.

(2) Additional information on reporting requirements for individual RD&T studies is contained in subpart B of this part.

(c) Reports required by paragraph (b) of this section shall be annual unless more frequent reporting is determined to be necessary by the FHWA Division Administrator. The FHWA may not require more frequent than quarterly reporting unless the criteria in 49 CFR 18.12 or 49 CFR 19.14 are met. Reports are due 90 days after the end of the reporting period for annual and final reports and no later than 30 days after the end of the reporting period for other reports.

(d) Events that have significant impact on the work must be reported as soon as they become known. The types of events or conditions that require reporting include: problems, delays, or adverse conditions that will materially affect the ability to attain program objectives. This disclosure must be accompanied by a statement of the action taken, or contemplated, and any Federal assistance needed to resolve the situation.

(e) Suitable reports that document the results of activities performed with FHWA planning and research funds must be prepared by the State DOT or subrecipient and submitted for approval by the FHWA Division Administrator prior to publication. The FHWA Division Administrator may waive this requirement for prior approval. The FHWA's approval of reports constitutes acceptance of such reports as evidence of work performed but does not imply endorsement of a report's findings or recommendations. Reports prepared for FHWA-funded work must include appropriate credit references and disclaimer statements. (The information collection requirements in § 420.117 have been approved by the OMB and assigned control numbers 2125-0039 for States and 2132-0529 for MPOs.)