Title 23

SECTION 420.111

420.111 What are the documentation requirements for use of FHWA planning and research funds

§ 420.111 What are the documentation requirements for use of FHWA planning and research funds?

(a) Proposed use of FHWA planning and research funds must be documented by the State DOTs and subrecipients in a work program, or other document that describes the work to be accomplished, that is acceptable to the FHWA Division Administrator. Statewide, metropolitan, other transportation planning activities, and transportation RD&T activities may be documented in separate programs, paired in various combinations, or brought together as a single work program. The expenditure of PL funds for transportation planning outside of metropolitan planning areas under § 420.109(d) may be included in the work program for statewide transportation planning activities or in a separate work program submitted by the State DOT.

(b)(1) A work program(s) for transportation planning activities must include a description of work to be accomplished and cost estimates by activity or task. In addition, each work program must include a summary that shows:

(i) Federal share by type of fund;

(ii) Matching rate by type of fund;

(iii) State and/or local matching share; and

(iv) Other State or local funds.

(2) Additional information on metropolitan planning area work programs is contained in 23 CFR part 450. Additional information on RD&T work program content and format is contained in subpart B of this part.

(c) In areas not designated as TMAs, a simplified statement of work that describes who will perform the work and the work that will be accomplished using Federal funds may be used in lieu of a work program. If a simplified statement of work is used, it may be submitted separately or as part of the Statewide planning work program.

(d) The State DOTs that use separate Federal-aid projects in accordance with paragraph (a) of this section must submit an overall summary that identifies the amounts and sources of FHWA planning and research funds available, matching funds, and the amounts budgeted for each activity (e.g., statewide planning, RD&T, each metropolitan area, contributions to NCHRP and transportation pooled fund studies, etc.).

(e) The State DOTs and MPOs also are encouraged to include cost estimates for transportation planning, research, development, and technology transfer related activities funded with other Federal or State and/or local funds; particularly for producing the FHWA-required data specified in paragraph (b) of § 420.105, for planning for other transportation modes, and for air quality planning activities in areas designated as non-attainment for transportation-related pollutants in their work programs. The MPOs in TMAs must include such information in their work programs. (The information collection requirements in §§ 420.111 have been approved by the OMB and assigned control numbers 2125-0039 for States and 2132-0529 for MPOs.)