Title 23

SECTION 140.908

140.908 Materials and supplies.

§ 140.908 Materials and supplies.

(a) Procurement. Materials and supplies, if available, are to be furnished from company stock, except they may be obtained from other sources near the project site when available at less cost. Where not available from company stock, they may be purchased either under competitive bids or existing continuing contracts, under which the lowest available prices are developed. Minor quantities and proprietary products are excluded from these requirements. The company shall not be required to change its existing standards for materials used in permanent changes to its facilities.

(b) Costs. (1) Materials and supplies furnished from company stock shall be billed at current stock price of such new or used material at time of issue.

(2) Materials and supplies not furnished from company stock shall be billed at actual costs to the company delivered to the point of entry on the railroad company's line nearest the source of procurement.

(3) A reasonable cost of plant inspection and testing may be included in the costs of materials and supplies where such expense has been incurred. The computation of actual costs of materials and supplies shall include the deduction of all offered discounts, rebates and allowances.

(c) Materials recovered. (1) Materials recovered from temporary use and accepted for reuse by the company shall be credited to the project at prices charged to the job, less a consideration for loss in service life at 10 percent for rails, angle bars, tie plates and metal turnout materials and 15 percent for all other materials. Materials recovered from the permanent facility of the company that are accepted by the company for return to stock shall be credited to the project at current stock prices of such used material.

(2) Materials recovered and not accepted for reuse by the company, if determined to have a net sale value, shall be sold by the State or railroad following an opportunity for State inspection and appropriate solicitation for bids, to the highest bidder; or if the company practices a system of periodic disposal by sale, credit to the project shall be at the going prices supported by the records of the company. Where applicable, credit for materials recovered from the permanent facility in length or quantities in excess of that being placed should be reduced to reflect any increased cost of railroad operation resulting from the adjustment.

(d) Removal costs. Federal participation in the costs of removing, salvaging, transporting, and handling recovered materials will be limited to the value of materials recovered, except where FHWA approves additional measures for restoration of affected areas as required by the physical construction or by reason of safety or aesthetics.

(e) Handling costs. The actual and direct costs of handling and loading out of materials and supplies at and from company stores or material yards and of unloading and handling of recovered materials accepted by the company at its stores or material yards, are reimbursable. At the option of the company, 5 percent of the amounts billed for the materials and supplies which are issued from company stores and material yards will be reimbursable in lieu of actual costs.

(f) Credit losses. On projects where a company actually suffers loss by application of credits, the company shall have the opportunity of submitting a detailed statement of such loss as a basis for further adjustment.