Title 23

SECTION 140.904

140.904 Reimbursement basis.

§ 140.904 Reimbursement basis.

(a) General. On projects involving the elimination of hazards of railroad-highway crossings, and on other projects where a railroad company is not obligated to move or to change its facilities at its own expense, reimbursement will be made for the costs incurred by the State in making changes to railroad facilities as required in connection with a Federal-aid highway project, in accordance with the provisions of this subpart.

(b) Eligibility. To be eligible, the costs must be:

(1) For work which is included in an approved statewide transportation improvement program.

(2) Incurred subsequent to the date of authorization by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA),

(3) Incurred in accordance with the provisions of 23 CFR, part 646, subpart B, and

(4) Properly attributable to the project.

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