Title 23

SECTION 140.610

140.610 Conversion from bond issue to funded project status.

§ 140.610 Conversion from bond issue to funded project status.

(a) At such time as the SHA elects to apply available apportioned Federal-aid funds to the retirement of bonds, including eligible interest earned and payable on Interstate Bond Projects, subject to available obligational authority, its claim shall be supported by appropriate certifications as follows:

I hereby certify that the following bonds, (list), the proceeds of which have been actually expended in the construction of bond issue projects authorized by title 23 U.S.C., section 122, (1) have been retired on ___, or (2) mature and are scheduled for retirement on ___, which is __ days in advance of the maturity date of ___.

Eligible interest claimed on Interstate Bond Projects shall be shown for each bond and the certification shall include the statement:

I also certify that interest earned and paid or payable for each bond listed has been determined from the date on and after which the respective bond proceeds were actually expended on the project.

(b) The SHA's request for full conversion of a completed projects), or partial conversion of an active or completed project(s), may be made by letter, inclusive of the appropriate certification as described in § 140.610(a) making reference to any progress payments received or the final voucher(s) previously submitted and approved in accordance with § 140.609.

(c) Approval of the conversion action shall be by the Division Administrator.

(d) The SHA's request for partial conversion of an active or completed bond issue project shall provide for: (1) Conversion to funded project status of the portion to be financed out of the balance of currently available apportioned funds, and (2) retention of the unfunded portion of the project in the bond program.

(e) Where the SHA's request involves the partial conversion of a completed bond issue project, payment of the Federal funds made available under the conversion action shall be accomplished through use of Form PR-20, Voucher for Work Performed under Provisions of the Federal-aid and Federal Highway Acts, prepared in the division office and appropriately cross-referenced to the Bond Issue Project final voucher previously submitted and approved. The final voucher will be reduced by the amount of the approved reimbursement.