Title 18

SECTION 270.504

270.504 Contents of protests to the Commission.

§ 270.504 Contents of protests to the Commission.

Each protest must include:

(a) An identification of the determination protested;

(b) The name and address of the person filing the protest;

(c) A statement of whether or not the person filing the protest participated in the proceeding before the jurisdictional agency, and if not, the reason for the nonparticipation;

(d) A statement of the effect the determination will have on the protestor;

(e) A statement of the precise grounds under § 270.503(f) for the protest, and all supporting documents or references to any information relied on which is in the record on which the determination is based or is in or to be inserted in the public files of the Commission; and

(f) A statement that the protestor has served, in accordance with § 385.2010 of this chapter, a copy of the protest together with all supporting documents on the jurisdictional agency and all persons listed in the notice of determination filed pursuant to § 270.204.