Title 18

SECTION 270.301

270.301 General requirements.

§ 270.301 General requirements.

(a) An application for determination may be filed with the jurisdictional agency and signed by any person the jurisdictional agency designates as eligible to make filings with respect to the well for which the application is made.

(b) The documents required by this subpart are the minimum required in support of a request for a determination. The jurisdictional agency may require additional support as it deems appropriate, and may more specifically identify the documents indicated as the minimum required.

(c) Each applicant must pay the fee prescribed in § 381.401 of this chapter. The applicant will be billed annually by the Commission for each jurisdictional agency determination received by the Commission. The applicant must submit the fee, or petition for waiver pursuant to § 381.106 of this chapter, within 30 days following the billing date.