Title 18

SECTION 270.204

270.204 Notice to the Commission.

§ 270.204 Notice to the Commission.

Within 15 days after making a determination under this part, the jurisdictional agency must give written notice of the determination to the Commission. The notice must include the following:

(a) A list of all participants in the proceeding as well as any persons who submitted or who sought an opportunity to submit written comments (whether or not such persons participated in the proceeding);

(b) A statement indicating whether the matter was opposed before the jurisdictional agency;

(c) A copy of the application together with a copy or description of all other materials upon which the jurisdictional agency relied in the course of making the determination, together with any information which may be inconsistent with the determination.

(d) An explanatory statement, including appropriate factual findings and references, which is sufficient to enable a person examining the notice to ascertain the basis for the determination without reference to information or data not contained in the notice.