Title 15

SECTION 990.61

990.61 Administrative record.

§ 990.61 Administrative record.

(a) Closing the administrative record for restoration planning. Within a reasonable time after the trustees have completed restoration planning, as provided in §§ 990.55 and 990.56 of this part, they must close the administrative record. Trustees may not add documents to the administrative record once it is closed, except where such documents:

(1) Are offered by interested parties that did not receive actual or constructive notice of the Draft Restoration Plan and the opportunity to comment on the plan;

(2) Do not duplicate information already contained in the administrative record; and

(3) Raise significant issues regarding the Final Restoration Plan.

(b) Opening an administrative record for restoration implementation. Trustees may open an administrative record for implementation of restoration, as provided in § 990.45 of this part. The costs associated with the administrative record are part of the costs of restoration. Ordinarily, the administrative record for implementation of restoration should document, at a minimum, all Restoration Implementation Phase decisions, actions, and expenditures, including any modifications made to the Final Restoration Plan.