Title 15


40.1 Type of grant.

§ 40.1 Type of grant.

Training grants will be awarded by the Agency for International Development (AID), in its capacity as the bilateral technical assistance agency for the United States Government, to foreign participants for training, observation, and research in the fields of censuses and statistics at the Bureau of the Census. In compliance with the needs of the participants and consistent with resources of the Bureau, training programs will be developed along the lines of a combined interne-training and/or training-in research types, and may include any or all of the following:

(a) Conference courses designed to provide the trainee with adequate background information on (1) organization and administration of the United States Bureau of the Census, (2) subject-matter areas for which the Bureau of the Census collects and compiles statistical information, (3) nature and scope of the major statistical programs maintained by other federal government agencies, (4) techniques and scope of the periodic censuses and statistical surveys, and statistical compilations undertaken by the Bureau of the Census, and (5) relation of censuses to other statistical data collected and analyzed by U.S. agencies.

(b) Seminars laboratory exercises and observation of work in the Census Bureau and other agencies with specific applicability to the participant such as (1) development of census and survey questionnaires, (2) methods of field and mail enumeration, (3) procedures for editing and coding statistical forms, (4) use of office machines, electromechanical tabulation equipment, and automatic data processing systems for mass processing of statistical data, (5) definitions and scope of the subject matters involved in the censuses and statistical programs of the Bureau of the Census, (6) classification of industrial and business establishments, (7) classification of imports and exports, (8) techniques of making intercensal estimates of population, (9) sampling techniques and quality control procedures, (10) analyses and publication of data, and development of certain indexes; and (11) other topics, particularly in the development of new statistical programs and techniques.

(c) Formal courses at a college or university to supplement the seminars, conference-courses, and individual statistical projects developed, presented, or assigned by the Bureau; or enrolled on a full-time basis in a college or university to obtain the appropriate academic background for further work in the field of statistics in accordance with needs of participants and/or the program requirements of their countries.

(d) Observation trips to various academic institutions with recognized statistical activities, to private marketing and research agencies, to regional field offices of the Bureau, to the government statistical agencies of Canada, and to such activities that will supplement or illustrate the application and end use of statistical data.

(e) Case study workshops on selected census and statistical activities presented at the Bureau, in other locations in the United States, or outside the continental limits of the United States.

(f) Such field training, special research, or university program as appears advisable to the Director of the Bureau of the Census in accordance with the technical needs of the participants.