Title 15

SECTION 200.109

200.109 Shipping, insurance, and risk of loss.

§ 200.109 Shipping, insurance, and risk of loss.

(a) Shipment of apparatus to NIST for calibration or other test should be made only after the customer has accepted the estimate of cost and the tentative scheduling. Repairs and adjustments on apparatus submitted should be attended to by the owner, since NIST will not undertake them except by special arrangement. Apparatus not in good condition will not be calibrated. If defects are found after calibration has begun, the effort may be terminated, a report issued summarizing such information as has been found, and a fee charged in accordance with the amount of work done.

(b) The customer should pack apparatus sent to NIST so as to minimize the likelihood of damage in shipment and handling. Suggestions on packing and shipping are made in some sections of SP 250. In every case, the sender should consider the nature of the apparatus, pack it accordingly, and clearly label shipments containing fragile instruments or materials, such as glass and the like.

(c) To minimize damage during shipment resulting from inadequate packing, the use of strong reusable containers is recommended. As an aid in preventing loss of such containers, the customer's name should be legibly and permanently marked on the outside. In order to prolong the container's use the notation “REUSABLE CONTAINER, DO NOT DESTROY” should be marked on the outside.

(d) Shipping and insurance coverage instructions should be clearly and legibly shown on the purchase order for the calibration or test. The customer must pay shipping charges to and from NIST; shipments from NIST will be made collect. The method of return transportation should be stated, and it is recommeded that return shipments be insured, since NIST will not assume liability for their loss or damage. For long-distance shipping it is found that air express and air freight provide an advantage in reduction of time in transit. If return shipment by parcel post is requested or is a suitable mode of transportation, shipments will be prepaid by NIST, but without covering insurance. When no shipping or insurance instructions are furnished, return shipment will be made by common carrier collect, but uninsured.

(e) NIST will not be responsible for the risk of loss or damage to any item during shipment to or from NIST. Any arrangements for insurance covering this risk must be made by the customer. Return shipment will be made by NIST as indicated in paragraph (d) of this section. The purchase order should always show the value of the equipment, and if transit insurance is carried by the customer, this fact should be stated.

(f) The risk of loss or damage in handling or testing of any item by NIST must be assumed by the customer, except when it is determined by NIST that such loss or damage was occasioned solely by the negligence of NIST personnel.

(g) When a test number has been assigned prior to shipment to NIST, this number should be clearly marked on the shipping container. When a test number has not been assigned, an invoice, copy of the purchase order, or letter should be enclosed in the shipment to insure proper identification. The original purchase order should be forwarded as appropriate to:

Office of Measurement Services, National Institute of Standards & Technology, Washington, DC 20234; or to Measurement Services Clerk, National Institute of Standards & Technology, Boulder, CO 80303.

(h) The calibrations listed in SP 250 are performed at Boulder, Colorado and Gaithersburg, Maryland.