Title 15

SECTION 200.108

200.108 Request procedure.

§ 200.108 Request procedure.

(a) A formal purchase order for the calibration or test should be sent before or at the time the instrument or standard is shipped. The purchase order should provide clear identification of the apparatus being submitted, and give separate instructions for return shipment, mailing of report, and billing. If a customer wishes to minimize the time during which the equipment is out of service, the customer can usually arrange to be notified of the scheduled test date to allow timely shipment. (See § 200.110.) Requests from Federal agencies, or from State agencies, for calibrations or tests on material to be used on private or Federal contract work should be accompanied either by purchase order or by letter or document authorizing the cost of the work to be billed to the agency.

(b) The submission of a purchase order for measurement services under this subchapter shall be understood as constituting an agreement on the part of the customer to be bound by the restrictions on the use of results as set forth in § 200.113 of this part. Acceptance of purchase orders does not imply acceptance of any provisions set forth in the order contrary to the policy, practice, or regulations of NIST or the U.S. Government. (A statement to the effect that NIST is an agency of the U.S. Government should satisfy other Government agencies with regard to compliance with Government regulations and Executive orders.)

(c) A test number will be assigned by NIST to each instrument or group of similar instruments or standards when the order is accepted. This test number should be referred to in all subsequent communications. Also, each instrument in a group must be uniquely identified, usually by the manufacturer's name and instrument serial number. When the serial number is lacking, an alternative identifying mark should be provided. If none is found, NIST will mark the piece with an NIST identification number. If the apparatus submitted has been previously calibrated by NIST, the serial number or identifying mark should be given on the new order, so that a continuing record of stability history can be established.

(d) Inquiries for measurement services should be directed to the NIST address listed in the various sections of the Appendix to SP 250.