Title 15

SECTION 200.105

200.105 Standard reference data.

§ 200.105 Standard reference data.

Data on the physical and chemical properties of the large variety of substances used in science and technology need to be compiled and evaluated for application in research, development, engineering design, and commerce. The Office of Standard Reference Data (OSRD) in the NIST National Measurement Laboratory provides coordination of and access to a number of governmental and nongovernmental data centers throughout this country and the world which are responsive to user needs for data. The OSRD's present program is assembled under a series of tasks which include data for application in energy, environment and health, industrial process design, materials durability, and resource recovery. The subject data are disseminated as hard-copy information in the Journal of Physical and Chemical Reference Data, published jointly with the American Chemical Society and the American Institute of Physics, in the National Standard Reference Data System reports as the NSRDS-NIST series, and as NIST special reports. Magnetic tapes of data on selected topics are also issued through the OSRD and the National Technical Information Service. A newsletter, “Reference Data Report,” is issued bimonthly describing current activities. Information concerning the above is available upon request from the OSRD.