Title 15

SECTION 200.103

200.103 Consulting and advisory services.

§ 200.103 Consulting and advisory services.

(a) In areas of its special competence, NIST offers consulting and advisory services on various problems related to measurement, e.g., details of design and construction, operational aspects, unusual or extreme conditions, methods of statistical control of the measurement process, automated acquisition of laboratory data, and data reduction and analysis by computer. Brief consultation may be obtained at no charge; the fee for extended effort will be based upon actual costs incurred. The services outlined in this paragraph do not include services in connection with legal proceedings not involving the United States as a named party, nor to testimony or the production of data, information, or records in such legal proceedings which is governed by the policies and procedures set forth in Subchapter H, Chapter II, Part 275, of this title.

(b) To enhance the competence of standards laboratory personnel, NIST conducts at irregular intervals several group seminars on the precision measurement of specific types of physical quantities, offering the opportunity of laboratory observation and informal discussion. A brochure describing the current series of seminars can be obtained by writing the Office of Measurement Services, National Institute of Standards & Technology, Washington, DC 20234.