Title 13

SECTION 400.215

400.215 Supplemental Guarantees.

§ 400.215 Supplemental Guarantees.

The Board will allow the structure of a guaranteed loan to include one or more Supplemental Guarantees that cover the Unguaranteed Portion of the loan; provided that:

(a) There shall be no Supplemental Guarantee with respect to the Unguaranteed Portion required to be held by the Agent pursuant to § 400.210(c);

(b) The Loan Documents relating to any Supplemental Guarantee shall be acceptable in form and substance to the Board; and

(c) In approving the issuance of a Guarantee, the Board may impose any conditions with respect to Supplemental Guarantee(s) relating to the loan that it considers appropriate.

[66 FR 53080, Oct. 19, 2001]