Title 13


400.2 Definitions.

§ 400.2 Definitions.

(a) Act means the Emergency Steel Loan Guarantee Act of 1999, Chapter 1 of Public Law 106-51 (113 Stat. 252), as amended.

(b) Administer, administering and administration, mean the Lender's actions in making, disbursing, servicing (including, but not limited to care, preservation and maintenance of collateral), collecting and liquidating a loan and security.

(c) Agent means that Lender authorized to take such actions, exercise such powers, and perform such duties on behalf and in representation of all Lenders party to a Guarantee of a single loan, as is required by, or necessarily incidental to, the terms and conditions of the Guarantee.

(d) Applicant means the private banking or investment institution applying for a loan guarantee under this part.

(e) Board means the Emergency Steel Guarantee Loan Board.

(f) Borrower means a Qualified Steel Company which could receive a loan guaranteed by the Board under this Program.

(g) Guarantee means the written agreement between the Board and one or more Lenders, and approved by the Borrower, pursuant to which the Board guarantees repayment of a specified percentage of the principal of the loan, including the Special Terms and Conditions, the General Terms and Conditions, and all exhibits thereto.

(h) Guaranteed Portion means the portion of the principal of a loan that is subject to the Guarantee.

(i) Lender means a private banking or investment institution, eligible under § 400.201, that is a party to a Guarantee issued by the Board. With respect to a Guarantee of a single loan to which more than one Lender is a party, the term Lender means Agent.

(j) Loan Documents mean the loan agreement and all other instruments, and all documentation between the Lender and the Borrower evidencing the making, disbursing, securing, collecting, or otherwise administering of the loan. It includes any agreement and other documents relating to a Supplemental Guarantee. Loan Documents may not be modified without the prior written approval of the Board.

(k) Program means the Emergency Steel Guarantee Loan Program established by the Act.

(l) Security means all property, real or personal, required by the provisions of the Guarantee or by the Loan Documents to secure repayment of any indebtedness of the Borrower under the Loan Documents or Guarantee. It does not include a Supplemental Guarantee.

(m) Qualified Steel Company means a company that is incorporated under the laws of any State; is engaged in the production and manufacture of a product defined by the American Iron and Steel Institute as a basic steel mill product, including ingots, slab and billets, plates, flat-rolled steel, sections and structural products, bars, rail type products, pipe and tube, and wire rod; and has experienced layoffs, production losses, or financial losses since January 1, 1998. An iron ore company incorporated under the law of any state is considered a Qualified Steel Company for purposes of the Program.

(n) Supplemental Guarantee means a guarantee provided by one or more third parties, public or private, of part of the Unguaranteed Portion of a guaranteed loan.

(o) Unguaranteed Portion means the portion of the principal of a loan that is not covered by the Guarantee.

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