Title 13

SECTION 130.830

130.830 Audits and investigations.

§ 130.830 Audits and investigations.

(a) Access to records. Applicable OMB Circulars set forth the requirements concerning record access and retention.

(b) Audits - (1) Pre-award audit. Applicant organizations that propose to enter the Program for the first time may be subject to a pre-award audit conducted by or coordinated with the SBA Office of Inspector General. The purpose of a pre-award audit is to verify the adequacy of the accounting system, the suitability of posed costs and the nature and source of proposed Matching Funds.

(2) Interim or final audits. The recipient organization or SBA may conduct SBDC network audits. All audits will be conducted according to Government Auditing Standards, promulgated by the Comptroller General of the United States.

(i) The recipient organization will conduct its audits as a single audit of a recipient organization pursuant to OMB Circulars A-102, A-110, A-128, and A-133, as applicable.

(ii) The SBA Office of Inspector General or its agents will conduct, supervise, or coordinate SBA's audits, which may, at SBA's discretion, be audits of the SBDC network, even though single audits may have been performed. In such instances, SBA will conduct such audits in compliance with Government Auditing Standards and all applicable OMB Circulars.

(c) Investigations. SBA may conduct investigations as it deems necessary to determine whether any person or entity has engaged in acts or practices constituting a violation of the Act, any rule, regulation or order issued under that Act, or any other applicable Federal law.