Title 13

SECTION 130.820

130.820 Reports and recordkeeping.

§ 130.820 Reports and recordkeeping.

(a) Records. The recipient organization shall maintain the records required for a Lead Center audit and SBA reports. Lead Centers and other SBDC service providers shall maintain detailed, complete and accurate client activity files, specifying counseling, training and other assistance provided.

(b) Reports. The recipient organization shall submit client service evaluations and performance and financial reports for SBA review to determine the quality of services provided by the SBDC, the completeness and accuracy of SBDC records, and actual SBDC network accomplishments compared to performance objectives.

(c) Performance reports. For recipient organizations in the Program for more than three years, interim reports shall be due 30 days after completion of six months of operation each year; for those recipient organizations in the Program three years or less, reports shall be due 30 days after completion of each of the first three quarters. The annual report shall include the second semiannual or the fourth quarter report and shall be due December 30 for fiscal year and March 30 for calendar year SBDCs. These reports shall reflect accurately the activities, accomplishments and deficiencies of the SBDC network.

(d) Financial reports. The recipient organization shall provide three quarterly and one annual financial report to the SBA Project Officer as set forth in the Program Announcement and the Cooperative Agreement, in compliance with OMB Circulars.

(e) Availability of records. As required by OMB (see Circular A-133), all SBDC service provider records shall be made available to SBA for review upon request.