Title 13

SECTION 130.450

130.450 Matching funds.

§ 130.450 Matching funds.

(a) The recipient organization must provide total Matching Funds equal to the total amount of SBA funding. At least 50% of the Matching Funds must be Cash Match. The remaining 50% may be provided through any allowable combination of additional cash, in-kind contributions, or indirect costs.

(b) All sources of Matching Funds must be identified as specifically as possible in the budget proposal. Cash sources shall be identified by name and account. All applicants must submit a Certification of Cash Match and Program Income executed by an authorized official of the recipient organization or any sponsoring SBDC organization providing Cash Match through a subcontract agreement. The account containing such cash must be under the direct management of the SBDC Director, or, if provided by a sponsoring SBDC organization, its subcenter Director. If a political entity is providing such cash and the funds have not been appropriated prior to issuance of the Cooperative Agreement, the recipient organization must certify that sufficient funds will be available from the political entity prior to the use of Federal dollars.

(c) The Grants Management Specialist is responsible for determining whether Matching Funds or Cash Match meet the requirements of the Act and appropriate OMB circulars.

(d) Overmatched Amounts. (1) SBDC are encouraged to furnish Overmatched Amounts.

(2) An Overmatched Amount can be applied to additional Matching Funds requirements necessitated by any supplemental funding increase received by the SBDC during the budget period, as long as the total Cash Match provided by the SBDC is 50% or more of the total SBA funds provided during the budget period.

(3) If used in the manner described in paragraph (d)(2) of this section, such Overmatched Amount is reclassified as committed Matching Funds.

(4) Allowable Overmatched Amounts which have not been used in the manner described in paragraph (d)(2) of this section may, with the approval of the AA/SBDCs, be used as a credit to offset any confirmed audit disallowances applicable only to the budget period in which the Overmatched Amount exists and the two previous budget periods. Such offsetting funds shall be considered Matching Funds.

(e) Impermissible sources of Matching Funds. Under no circumstances may the following be used as sources of the Matching Funds of the recipient organization:

(1) Uncompensated student labor;

(2) SCORE, ACE, or SBI volunteers;

(3) Program income or fees collected from small businesses receiving assistance;

(4) Funds or indirect or in-kind contributions from any other Federal source.