Title 13

SECTION 130.430

130.430 Application decisions.

§ 130.430 Application decisions.

(a) The AA/SBDCs may approve, conditionally approve, or reject any application. In the event of a rejection, the AA/SBDCs shall communicate the reasons for rejection to the applicant and the appropriate SBA field office. If the approval is conditional, the conditions and applicable remedies shall be specified as special terms and conditions in the Cooperative Agreement. Upon approval or conditional approval, the Grants Management specialist may issue a Cooperative Agreement.

(b) In considering the application, significant factors shall include:

(1) The applicant's ability to contribute Matching Funds;

(2) For renewal Proposals, the quality of prior performance;

(3) The results of any examination conducted pursuant to § 130.810(b) of these regulations; and

(4) Any certification resulting from any certification program developed by the Recognized Organization.

(c) In the event of a conditional approval, SBA may conditionally fund a recipient organization for one or more specified periods of time up to a maximum of one budget period. If the recipient organization fails to resolve the specified matters to the AA/SBDCs' satisfaction within the allotted time period, SBA has the right to discontinue funding the SBDC, subject to the provisions of § 130.700.