Title 13

SECTION 130.420

130.420 Renewal applications.

§ 130.420 Renewal applications.

(a) SBDCs shall comply with the requirements in the annual Program Announcement, including format and due dates, to receive consideration of their renewal applications. The SBA Project Officer, with the concurrence of the Program Manager, may grant an extension. The recipient organization shall submit the renewal application to the SBA office in the District in which the recipient organization is located. The annual Program Announcement will include a timetable for SBA review.

(b) After review by the SBA Project Officer and written recommendation for approval by the District Director, the Program Manager and Grants Management Specialist shall review the renewal application for conformity with the Program Announcement, OMB Circulars and all other statutory, financial and regulatory requirements. SBA officials may request supplemental information and documentation prior to issuing the Cooperative Agreement.