Title 13

SECTION 130.410

130.410 New applications.

§ 130.410 New applications.

(a) If SBA declines to renew an existing recipient organization or the recipient organization declines to reapply, SBA may accept applications from other organizations interested in becoming a recipient organization. An eligible entity may apply by submitting an application to the SBA District Office in the Area of Service in which the applicant proposes to provide services.

(b) An application for initial funding of a new SBDC network must include a letter by the Governor, or his or her designee, of the Area of Service in which the SBDC will operate, or other evidence, confirming that the applicant's designation as an SBDC would be consistent with the plan adopted by the State government and approved by SBA. No such requirement is imposed on subsequent applications from existing recipient organizations.

(c) The application must set forth the eligible entity or entities proposing to operate the SBDC network; a list of the Lead Center and other SBDC service providers by name, address and telephone number; the geographic areas to be serviced; the resources to be used; the services that will be provided; the method for delivering the services, including a description of how and to what extent academic, private and public resources will be used; a budget; a listing of the proposed members of the State or Regional Advisory Board and other relevant information set forth in the Program Announcement.

(d) SBA officials may request supplemental information or documentation to revise or complete an application.

(e) Upon written recommendation for approval by the SBA District Director, the proposal shall be submitted to the AA/SBDCs for review.