Title 13

SECTION 130.340

130.340 SBDC services and restrictions on service.

§ 130.340 SBDC services and restrictions on service.

(a) Services. The SBDC network must provide prospective and existing small business persons and entities with Counseling, Training and Specialized Services, concerning the formation, financing, management and operation of small business enterprises, reflecting local needs. The recipient organization shall primarily utilize institutions of higher education to provide services to the small business community. To the extent possible, SBDCs shall use other Federal, State, and local government programs that assist small business. Services periodically should be assessed and improved to keep pace with changing small business needs.

(b) Access to Capital. (1) SBDCs are encouraged to provide counseling services that increase a small business concern's access to capital, such as business plan development, financial statement preparation and analysis, and cash flow preparation and analysis.

(2) SBDCs should help prepare their clients to represent themselves to lending institutions. While SBDCs may attend meetings with lenders to assist clients in preparing financial packages, the SBDCs may not take a direct role in representing clients in loan negotiations.

(3) SBDCs should inform their clients that financial packaging assistance does not guarantee receipt of a loan.

(4) SBDCs may not make loans, service loans or make credit decisions regarding the award of loans.

(5) With respect to SBA guaranty programs, SBDCs may assist clients to formulate a business plan, prepare financial statements, complete forms which are part of a loan application, and accompany an applicant appearing before SBA. Unless authorized by the SBA Administrator with respect to a specific program, an SBDC may not advocate, recommend approval or otherwise attempt in any manner to influence SBA to provide financial assistance to any of its clients. An SBDC cannot collect fees for helping a client to prepare an application for SBA financial assistance.

(c) Special emphasis initiatives. From time to time, SBA may identify portions of the general population to be targeted for assistance by SBDCs. Support of SBA special emphasis initiatives will be negotiated each year as part of the application process and included in the Cooperative Agreement when appropriate.