Title 13

SECTION 121.303

121.303 What size procedures are used by SBA before it makes a formal size determination

§ 121.303 What size procedures are used by SBA before it makes a formal size determination?

(a) A concern that submits an application for financial assistance is deemed to have certified that it is small under the applicable size standard. SBA may question the concern's status based on information supplied in the application or from any other source.

(b) A small business investment company, a development company, a surety bond company, or a preferred lender may accept as true the size information provided by an applicant, unless credible evidence to the contrary is apparent.

(c) Size is initially considered by the individual with final financial assistance authority. This is not a formal size determination. A formal determination may be requested prior to a denial of eligibility based on size.

(d) An applicant may request a formal size determination when assistance has been denied for size ineligibility. Except for disaster loan eligibility, a request for a formal size determination must be made to the Government Contracting Area Director serving the area in which the headquarters of the applicant is located, regardless of the location of the parent company or affiliates. For disaster loan assistance, the request for a size determination must be made to the Area Director for the Disaster Area Office which denied the assistance.

(e) There are no time limitations for making a formal size determination for purposes of financial assistance. The official making the formal size determination must provide a copy of the determination to the applicant, to the requesting SBA official, and to other interested SBA program officials.