Title 13

SECTION 120.960

120.960 Responsibility for closing.

§ 120.960 Responsibility for closing.

(a) The CDC is responsible for the 504 loan closing.

(b) The Debenture closing is the joint responsibility of the CDC and SBA.

(c) SBA may, within its sole discretion, decline to close the Debenture; direct the transfer of the 504 loan to another CDC; or cancel its guarantee of the Debenture, prior to sale, if any of the following occur:

(1) The CDC has failed to comply materially with any requirement imposed by statute, regulation, SOP, policy and procedural notice, any agreement the CDC has executed with SBA, or the terms of a Debenture or loan authorization;

(2) The CDC has failed to make or close the 504 loan or prepare the Debenture closing in a prudent or commercially reasonable manner;

(3) The CDC's improper action or inaction places SBA at risk;

(4) The CDC has failed to use required SBA forms or electronic versions of those forms;

(5) The CDC, Third Party Lender or Borrower has failed to timely disclose to SBA a material fact regarding the Project or 504 loan;

(6) The CDC, Third Party Lender or Borrower has misrepresented a material fact to SBA regarding the Project or 504 loan; or

(7) SBA determines that there has been an unremedied material adverse change, such as deterioration in the Borrower's financial condition, since the 504 loan was approved, or that approving the closing of the Debenture will put SBA at unacceptable financial risk.

[68 FR 57988, Oct. 7, 2003]