Title 13

SECTION 120.921

120.921 Terms of Third Party loans.

§ 120.921 Terms of Third Party loans.

(a) Maturity. A Third Party Loan must have a term of at least 7 years when the 504 loan is for a term of 10 years and 10 years when the 504 loan is for 20 years. If there is more than one Third Party Loan, an overall loan maturity must be calculated, taking into account the maturities and amounts of each loan. If there is a balloon payment, it must be justified in the loan report and clearly identified in the Loan Authorization.

(b) Interest rates. Interest rates must be reasonable. SBA must establish and publish in the Federal Register a maximum interest rate for any Third Party Loan from commercial financial institutions. The rate shall remain in effect until changed.

(c) Other terms. The Third Party Loan must not have any early call feature or contain any demand provisions unless the loan is in default. By participating, a Third Party Loan lender waives, as to the CDC/SBA financing, any provision in its deed of trust, or mortgage, or other documents prohibiting further encumbrances or subordinate debt. In the event of default, the Third Party Lender must give the CDC and SBA written notice of default within 30 days of the event of default and at least 60 days prior to foreclosure.

(d) Future advances. The Third Party Loan must not be open-ended. After completion of the Project, the Third Party Lender may not make future advances under the Third Party Loan except expenditures to collect amounts due the Third Party Loan notes, maintain collateral and protect the Third Party Lender's lien position on the Third Party Loan.

(e) Subordination. The Third Party Lender's lien will be subordinate to the CDC/SBA lien regarding any prepayment penalties, late fees, other default charges, and escalated interest after default due under the Third Party Loan.

(f) Escalation upon default. A Third-Party Lender may not escalate the rate of interest upon default to a rate greater than the maximum rate set forth in paragraph (b) of this section. Regarding any Project that SBA approved after September 30, 1996, SBA will only pay the interest rate on the note in effect before the date of the Borrower's default.

[61 FR 3235, Jan. 31, 1996, as amended at 64 FR 2118, Jan. 13, 1999]