Title 13

SECTION 120.841

120.841 Qualifications for the ALP.

§ 120.841 Qualifications for the ALP.

An applicant for ALP status must show that it substantially meets the following criteria:

(a) CDC staff experience. The CDC's staff must have well-trained, qualified loan officers who are knowledgeable concerning SBA's lending policies and procedures for the 504 program. The CDC must have at least one loan officer with three years of 504 loan processing experience and at least one loan officer with three years of 504 servicing experience or two years experience plus satisfactory completion of SBA-approved processing and servicing training. The same loan officer may meet these qualifications. In addition, the CDC's staff must have demonstrated satisfactorily to SBA the ability to process and service 504 loans.

(b) Number of 504 loans approved and size of portfolio. SBA must have approved at least 20 504 loan applications by the CDC in the most recent three years, and the CDC must have a portfolio of at least 30 active 504 loans. (An “active” 504 loan is a loan that was approved and closed by the CDC and has a status of either current, delinquent, or in liquidation.)

(c) CDC reviews. CDC reviews conducted by SBA must be current (within the last 24 months, if applicable) for applicants for ALP status. The CDC must have received a review assessment of either “Acceptable” or “Acceptable With Corrective Actions Required.” In addition, the CDC must have satisfactory SBA performance, as determined by SBA in its discretion. The CDC's Risk Rating, among other factors, will be considered in determining satisfactory SBA performance. Other factors may include, but are not limited to, review/examination assessments, historical performance measures, loan volume to the extent that it impacts performance measures, and other performance related measurements and information (such as contribution toward SBA mission);

(d) Record of compliance with 504 program requirements. The CDC must have a record of conforming to SBA's policies and procedures and of satisfactorily underwriting, closing and servicing 504 loans. SBA will consider all relevant material information, which will include but is not limited to whether the CDC meets all SBA's CDC portfolio benchmarks, when determining the CDC's record of compliance, including:

(1) Submission of satisfactory 504 loan analyses and applications, and all required, and properly completed, loan documents.

(2) Careful and thorough analysis and screening of all 504 loan applications for conformance with SBA credit and eligibility standards;

(3) Proper completion of required 504 loan closing documents and compliance with SBA 504 loan closing policies and procedures.

(4) Compliance with SBA loan servicing policies and procedures.

(5) Compliance with the certification and operational requirements as set forth in §§ 120.820 through 120.830.

(6) Submission of timely, complete and acceptable annual reports.

(7) Compliance with CDC ethical requirements (see § 120.851).

(e) Priority CDC. The CDC must be a Priority CDC with a Designated Attorney and SBA required insurance.

(f) Record of Cooperation. The CDC must have a record of effective communication and a cooperative relationship with all SBA offices including district offices and SBA's loan processing and servicing centers.

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