Title 13

SECTION 120.705

120.705 What is a Specialized Intermediary

§ 120.705 What is a Specialized Intermediary?

At the end of an Intermediary's first year of participation in the program, SBA will determine whether it qualifies as a Specialized Intermediary. An Intermediary qualifies as a Specialized Intermediary if it maintains a portfolio of Microloans averaging $10,000 or less. Specialized Intermediaries qualify for more favorable interest rates on SBA loans. If, after the first year, an Intermediary qualifies as a Specialized Intermediary, the special interest rate is applied retroactively to SBA loans made to the Intermediary. After the first year SBA will determine an Intermediary's qualifications as a Specialized Intermediary annually, based on its lending practices during the term of its participation in the program. Specialized Intermediaries also qualify for a greater amount of technical assistance grant funding.

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