Title 13

SECTION 120.1720

120.1720 SBA's right to review Pool Loan documents.

§ 120.1720 SBA's right to review Pool Loan documents.

In the event that SBA purchases a Loan Interest in Seller's Pool Loan, Seller must provide to SBA copies of the Pool Loan collateral documents, Pool Loan underwriting documents, and any other documents SBA may require in writing within 15 calendar days of a written request from SBA (which SBA will review in connection with its efforts to determine if Seller is obligated to reimburse SBA pursuant to this subpart). A Seller's failure to provide the requested documentation may constitute a material failure to comply with the Program Rules and Regulations and may lead to an action for recovery under § 120.1719. SBA will also evaluate a Seller's continued participation in the Program and may restrict further sales under the Program until SBA determines that the Seller has provided sufficient documentation.