Title 13

SECTION 120.1708

120.1708 Pool Certificates.

§ 120.1708 Pool Certificates.

(a) SBA Guarantee of Pool Certificates. SBA guarantees to a Pool Investor the timely payment of principal and interest installments and any prepayment or other recovery of principal to which the Pool Investor is entitled. If an Obligor misses a scheduled payment pursuant to the terms of the Pool Note underlying a Loan Interest backing a Pool Certificate, SBA, through the CSA, will make advances to maintain the schedule of interest and principal payments to the Pool Investor. If SBA makes such payments, it is subrogated fully to the rights satisfied by such payment.

(b) SBA guarantee backed by full faith and credit. SBA's guarantee of the Pool Certificate is backed by the full faith and credit of the United States.

(c) SBA purchase of a Loan Interest. SBA will determine whether to purchase a Loan Interest backing a Pool Certificate with an underlying Pool Note that is 60 days or more in arrears. SBA reserves the right to purchase a Loan Interest from a Pool at any time.

(d) Self-liquidating. A Pool Certificate represents a fractional beneficial interest in a Pool that is self-liquidating by Pool Loan Receivables and/or SBA Loan Interest payment or redemption.

(e) Pool Certificate form. The CSA prepares the Pool Certificate. SBA must approve the form and terms of the Pool Certificate.

(f) Pool Certificate registration. A Pool Certificate must be registered with the CSA.

(g) Face amount of Pool Certificate. The face amount of a Pool Certificate cannot be less than a minimum amount as specified in the Guide, and the dollar amount of Pool Certificates must be in increments which SBA will specify in the Guide (except for one Pool Certificate for each Pool). SBA may change these requirements based upon an analysis of market conditions and program experience, and will publish any such change in the Federal Register.

(h) Basis of payment for Pool Certificates. All payments on a Pool Certificate are due pursuant to terms, conditions, and percentages set forth or referenced therein and are based on the unpaid principal balance of the Pool represented by the Pool Certificate. Any Pool Loan Receivables applicable to a Loan Interest in the SBA-guaranteed portion of a Pool will be passed through to the appropriate Pool Investors with the regularly scheduled payments to such Pool Investors.

(i) Pool Certificate interest rate. A Pool Certificate must have a Weighted Average Interest Rate.

(j) Pool Certificate maturity. A Pool Certificate must have a Maturity and a Weighted Average Maturity.

(k) Early Pool Certificate redemption. SBA, or the CSA on behalf of SBA, may redeem a Pool Certificate prior to its Maturity because of Obligor prepayment and/or SBA purchase of all Loan Interests in the Pool backing the Pool Certificate.