Title 13


103.1 Key definitions.

§ 103.1 Key definitions.

(a) Agent means an authorized representative, including an attorney, accountant, consultant, packager, lender service provider, or any other individual or entity representing an Applicant or Participant by conducting business with SBA. For purposes of SBA's business loan programs, the term Agent includes but is not limited to:

(1) Lender Service Provider: an Agent who assists the Lender with originating, disbursing, servicing, liquidating, or litigating SBA loans. The Lender bears full responsibility for all aspects of its SBA loan operation, including, but not limited to, approvals, closings, disbursements, servicing actions, and due diligence. Lender Service Providers may only receive compensation from the Lender and such compensation may not be passed on to the Applicant or paid out of SBA-guaranteed loan proceeds.

(2) Packager: An Agent who prepares the Applicant's application for financial assistance and is employed and compensated by the Applicant.

(3) Loan Broker (also known as Referral Agent): an Agent who, on a specific transaction, either assists the Applicant in finding an SBA Lender that will be willing to make a loan to the Applicant or assists the SBA Lender in finding an Applicant. A Loan Broker may be employed and compensated by either the Applicant or the SBA Lender (but not both). Compensation paid to a Loan Broker by an SBA Lender may not be passed on to the Applicant and may not be paid out of SBA-guaranteed loan or debenture proceeds.

(b) The term conduct business with SBA means:

(1) Preparing or submitting on behalf of an applicant an application for financial assistance of any kind, assistance from the Investment Division of SBA, or assistance in procurement and technical matters;

(2) Preparing or processing on behalf of a lender or a participant in any of SBA's programs an application for federal financial assistance;

(3) Participating with or communicating in any way with officers or employees of SBA on an applicant's, participant's, or lender's behalf;

(4) Acting as a lender service provider; and

(5) Such other activity as SBA reasonably shall determine.

(c) Applicant means any person, firm, concern, corporation, partnership, cooperative or other business enterprise applying for any type of assistance from SBA.

(d) Participant means a person or entity that is participating in any of the financial, investment, or business development programs authorized by the Small Business Act or Small Business Investment Act of 1958.

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